Fraud Action Package

If you believe an unauthorized transaction has been made with your VISA Debit Card or ATM card, please take the following actions:

  1. First, check your ActorsFCU account to find out how and where the transaction took place, as well as the amount of the transaction. Try to determine if the charge is yours.
  2. If you have determined the charges are not yours, please contact ActorsFCU’s Fraud Management Department at 212.869.8926, option 9.  We will block your VISA Debit Card or ATM card and reissue you a new card once we receive your completed application (Visa Debit Card Application).
  3. Complete the following actions. (Cardholder Fraud Package forms)
  • The “CUNA Mutual Cardholder Dispute Form” must be signed in the presence of a notary.
  • The “Notification of Fraudulent Transaction” form must be filled out; please include each transaction you are disputing. If you are not sure how to fill out the form, simply indicate which charges are not yours and sign and date the form. Please do not include fees charged by ActorsFCU. Inquiry fees or overdraft fees will be reimbursed separately by ActorsFCU; no paperwork is necessary on your part.
  • Write a statement or letter detailing how you became aware of the loss of money or incursion of charges, and any information pertaining to the charges that are not yours.  All information with regards to the situation will be helpful.
  • File a police report and provide us with a copy. (You may obtain the report after submitting your claim.)
  • Provide us with the original forms and statements for our files. You can expedite the process by faxing everything to the Fraud Management Department at 212.278.8655, but you must also mail or drop off the originals as well. The original signatures are needed to file the claim.
  • Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

Once we have all the necessary documents, we will submit your case to our processors to begin an investigation. ActorsFCU will issue your account a provisional credit within five (5) business days.  However, in the event that any of these charges are found to be yours—or if a merchant voluntarily reverses a charge—the provisional credits for those amounts will be deducted from your account.