Frequently Asked Questions

Is my account secure?

You’re the only one authorized to access your account, and your deposits are insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration – an agency of the Federal Government). ActorsFCU ensures your security online through sophisticated encryption that turns every online transaction into an unreadable mathematical formula. We also have prevention programs and processes to help identify suspicious activity.

How do I know when Internet transactions are safe?

Secure connections to websites are provided by a technology called Secure Socket Layer, or SSL. SSL secures websites by providing “certificates” of data, verifying that your browser is actually communicating with a particular website, rather than an Internet “hacker” who is attempting to replicate the site.

Whatever site you visit and whenever you need to input personal data, be certain to confirm that the site shows the small lock in a portion of the browser window.  Additionally, the website address will start with “https://.” The “s” stands for secure, and signals that your information is secure during transmission. If you click on the padlock, you can view the security certificate. Make sure that the certificate has not expired.

How do I know if the website is really yours?

By typing the URL into your browser or using a bookmark that you previously created, you can help ensure that you’ve reached the ActorsFCU site. Use discretion before clicking on a link included in an email.

What should I do if I provided my card information to someone?

If you provided your plastic card information, you should immediately contact ActorsFCU.  Your card information and identity may have been stolen.

What is “identity theft”?

Identity theft occurs when an attacker uses your name, Social Security Number, credit card, or any other personal information to commit financial fraud.

How can I find out if my identity was stolen?

Monitor your accounts and bank statements each month, and check your credit report on a regular basis. If you check your credit report regularly, you may be able to limit the damage caused by identity theft. The following agencies will provide a free credit report in every 12-month period,though there is a charge for your credit score.

What should I do if my identity is stolen?

Filing a police report, checking your credit reports, notifying creditors, and disputing any unauthorized transactions are some of the steps you must take immediately to restore your good name. To learn more about these steps and more, go to

Do I need to file a police report if my identity is stolen?

You may not need an Identity Theft Report if the thief made charges on an existing account and you have been able to work with the company to resolve the dispute.  Where an identity thief has opened new accounts in your name, or where fraudulent charges have been reported to the consumer reporting agencies, you should obtain an Identity Theft Report so that you can take advantage of the protections you are entitled to.

A police report that provides specific details of the identity theft is considered an Identity Theft Report, which entitles you to certain legal rights when it is provided to the three major credit reporting agencies or to companies where the thief misused your information.  An Identity Theft Report can be used to permanently block fraudulent information that results from identity theft, such as accounts or addresses, from appearing on your credit report. It will also make sure these debts do not reappear on your credit reports. Identity Theft Reports can prevent a company from continuing to collect debts that result from identity theft, or selling them to others for collection. An Identity Theft Report is also needed to place an extended fraud alert on your credit report.

In order for a police report to entitle you to the legal rights mentioned above, it must contain specific details about the identity theft.  You should file an ID Theft Complaint with the FTC and bring your printed ID Theft Complaint with you to the police station when you file your police report.  The printed ID Theft Complaint can be used to support your local police report to ensure that it includes the detail required.

Should I report such fraud to a governmental agency?

If you like, you can report this crime online to is the Internet Crime Complaint Center and is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. They review and refer cases of cyber fraud to the appropriate agency.

What can I do to avoid becoming a statistic of identity theft?

  • Safeguard your information
  • Routinely monitor your financial accounts and billing statements to detect any suspicious activity
  • Take action against ID theft as soon as you suspect a problem
  • If you receive an email that asks you to provide personal information and to act now, DO NOT DO WHAT THEY ASK.

What if I get an email that says it’s an important message from ActorsFCU and has a link or wants me to reply immediately?

Do NOT reply to the email or click on any link provided in the message. Contact ActorsFCU immediately and do not supply any requested information.

REMEMBER: ACTORSFCU WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO VERIFY YOUR PERSONAL OR ACCOUNT INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR BY PHONE. However, in order to protect you, if you call ActorsFCU, we will ask you questions to verify who you are before providing any information.

Should I use my ActorsFCU account number as my log-on number for eBranch online banking?

We suggest you create a unique User ID on our eBranch site instead of using your account number. You do this by signing on to our eBranch, clicking on “Preferences,” and then “Change User ID.”

Why am I taken to an additional screen after I type in my log-on number or User ID?

This is part of our Dual Authentification Protection. Once you type in your User ID you should be transferred to a page featuring the picture you selected when signing up our eBranch online banking. If your chosen picture does not appear on the next screen, STOP and do not enter additional information. Contact ActorsFCU immediately. You are probably at a fraudulent website.

I’m planning a trip overseas. How do I make sure my card will be available to me while I’m there?

Through our VISA Debit Card Concierge Service. Submit travel information to ActorsFCU ahead of time to decrease the chances of having your debit card blocked or transactions denied by Falcon Fraud-Detection System, ActorsFCU’s application that protects VISA Debit Cards.

Please note: VISA and MasterCard credit cards are not affected, and are fully available for use anywhere.

What are “Authorization Blocks”?

Authorization Blocks are part of ActorsFCU’s card protection system—the Falcon Fraud-Detection System—to deny transactions that meet specific criteria (for example, transactions made outside your regular spending area and all transactions in any given country where we have been notified by VISA or MasterCard that fraud has occurred). In this way, we are better able to protect our members.

I got a message from Falcon and my card was blocked. What do I do?

If Falcon is unable to contact you to verify activity outside your normal usage pattern, it is possible on rare occasions that this system will prevent you from making a legitimate purchase. If you receive a message from Falcon regarding your ActorCash VISA Debit Card, simply call 888.241.2440 in the U.S. or 909.941.1034 from abroad. If you receive a message from Falcon regarding your credit card, please call 800.437.9392.

Can I use my card worldwide?

Yes, you can use your card wherever a VISA card is accepted. If you plan to travel, domestically or internationally, please contact us to initiate an Authorization Block Bypass. By informing us of your travel plans, including destinations, dates, and phone numbers—especially your cell phone number so we can reach you, you will minimize the chances of having your card denied or limited while travelling and avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Call Member Services at 212.869.8926, option 6, or email them at

If I live in or visit a “blocked” country, is there a way for me to use my card?

These blocks—on how and where your card can be used—are flexible. You can modify the blocks, either temporarily or permanently, by simply calling Member Services.

I was trying to make a purchase and my card was blocked. How could that happen?

If Falcon is unable to contact you to verify activity outside your normal usage pattern, it is possible on rare occasions that this system will prevent you from making a legitimate purchase. If you receive a message from Falcon regarding your ActorCash VISA Debit Card, simply call 888.241.2440 in the U.S. or 909.941.1034 from abroad. If you receive a message from Falcon regarding your credit card, please call 800.437.9392.

Remember: It is important that you keep your contact information up-to-date with ActorsFCU in order for us to be able to serve you efficiently and in a timely manner.

Are there limits to how much my card can be used on any given day?

Yes, there are daily limits to the amount of spending on any card and the number of daily transactions.

How do I report a lost or stolen ActorCash VISA Debit Card?

Call Member Services at 212.869.8926, option 6, during regular business hours to report your card lost or stolen.  We’ll get a new card to you ASAP, wherever you are. If you need to call after hours to report a lost or stolen ActorCash VISA Debit Card, please call 888.241.2510 (in the US) or 909.941.1398 (outside the US). You will still need to call Member Services the next business day to order a new card.

How do I report an ActorsFCU credit card lost or stolen?

To report your VISA Gold or VISA Classic credit card lost or stolen, please call (800) VISA911 (800.847.2911) from anywhere in the world.

To report your MasterCard lost or stolen, call (800) MASTERCARD (800.627.8372) in the U.S. and 630.722.7111 (collect) outside the U.S.

Why do I need to activate my card?

Card activation protects you from fraudulent use of a new card that you haven’t yet received. Cards are shipped to you in an inactive status, with an assigned PIN sent separately. Activation steps must be taken by calling a toll-free number and providing personal data—information that is known only by you. You may choose your own PIN on any newly issued card by following the instructions.

What is the CVV code that I’m asked for when I make a phone or online purchase?

The CVV code is a security code often requested by merchants to secure “card not present” transactions occurring over the Internet, by mail, by fax, or over the phone.  The three-digit CVV code follows the signature panel on the back of your card.

My card is not being approved, even though I activated it. Why would that happen and what should I do?

There may be a number of reasons a card is not approved. It may be because you haven’t used your card for the past 12 months, and we’ve placed the card on inactive status for your protection.  Occasionally the magnetic strips will demagnetize or wear out, or the card expires unnoticed. Other times, Falcon has been unable to reach you and has blocked the card, for your protection. Just call Member Services at 212.869.8926, option 6, or Falcon, if appropriate, to address the issue.

What if I made a purchase by phone or over the Internet and the merchant didn’t deliver on promised services? What if I didn’t receive something I ordered or need to return something and the merchant won’t credit my card?

Contact the merchant directly and try to resolve the situation—within 60 days of the transaction. If you cannot resolve the situation with the merchant, ActorsFCU will do its best to help you if you contact us within 90 days of the transaction. Fill out the forms in the links below. We will need proof (emails, letters, etc.) that you have made attempts to resolve the dispute on your own with no results before we can help you.