Protecting You on the Go

With plastic card fraud on the upswing at home and abroad, the ActorCash VISA Check Card offers you not only convenience, but the best possible protection you’ll need as well. ActorsFCU is constantly upgrading our security measures to protect your financial assets. Below are a few we’ve put in place, along with some tips on what you can do to protect yourself.

Current Security Measures

We have many security measures in place to protect your card.  One of the ways we protect  you from fraudulent transactions is by monitoring your card usage. If we see a charge outside your normal spending pattern or outside your normal geographic area—say, a charge made outside of the United States—we may deny the transaction and block your card  until we can reach you and verify that the charges are yours. These are called Authorization Blocks.

ActorCash VISA Debit Card Concierge Service

ActorCash VISA Debit Card Concierge Service ensures your ActorCash VISA Debit Card will remain protected and available to you when you need it–no matter where you are.

VIP Authorization Block “Bypass”

Informing us of your travel plans allows us to activate a VIP Authorization Block “Bypass” for you during a specific time period, which will allow you to travel and use your ActorCash VISA Debit Card with confidence. Simply provide us with your international travel information ahead of time and decrease the chances of having your ActorCash VISA Debit Card blocked or transactions denied. Our database will hold your name, telephone numbers, travel destination(s) with start and end dates, and can even include individualized instructions. You can easily submit or modify this information by calling Member Services either before you leave or during your time away.

Blocked Transactions

If you do not inform us of your travel plans or ask us to initiate the VIP Authorization Block “Bypass” as discussed above, it’s possible that, in some areas, your card may be blocked for certain types of transactions or may be limited to a lower dollar amount on those transactions. The reason we deny certain transactions is that, from time to time, we are notified of fraudulent activity on particular types of transactions in specific parts of the world. For example, there may be a sudden increase in fraudulent transactions at family clothing stores in Great Britain or service stations in Spain or pharmacies in Ireland.  So, to protect you, we may deny transactions that exceed a certain dollar limit at those types of merchants.

The best way to avoid having your card denied or limited is to call us and initiate the VIP Authorization Block “Bypass.”

Please note: VISA and MasterCard credit cards are not affected, and are fully available for use anywhere.

Tips for VISA Debit and Check Cardholders Traveling Internationally
Follow these steps to get the most from your VISA card(s) while traveling:

Before Travel
· Notify ActorsFCU before traveling internationally. Advance notification will help ensure that legitimate purchases are approved. In addition, check with us to find out if your card is subject to any daily spending or cash withdrawal restrictions.
· Memorize your VISA Card Personal Identification Number (PIN). Memorizing your PIN will help you easily obtain cash from local ATMs. Your VISA card can be used at approximately 1.7 million VISA and PLUS ATMs worldwide. CAUTION: For security reasons, never write your PIN on your VISA card.
· Keep your VISA card account number and the lost / stolen customer service contact telephone number in a safe place (separate from your wallet or purse).

During Travel
· In some countries (particularly in Europe), merchants may be more familiar with accepting EMV chip cards (cards with an embedded chip) than magnetic-stripe cards. VISA requires that magnetic-stripe cards be accepted everywhere VISA is accepted.
· In countries that have adopted chip technology, international visitors may continue to use their non-chip-enabled cards; most chip terminals will recognize and process a magnetic-stripe card.
· If you encounter a merchant who is hesitant to accept a non-chip card for payment, encourage the merchant to swipe the magnetic-stripe card through the terminal and follow the terminal prompts to complete the transaction.
· If you are using an unattended rail ticket kiosk or an automated fuel dispenser that does not recognize non-chip cards, present your card to an attendant or agent (e.g., at a ticket window).
· In some countries, you may be prompted to enter your PIN at a merchant terminal. While cardholders do need to enter a PIN at an ATM, it is not necessary to enter a PIN at a merchant location for magnetic stripe cards. You should be able to bypass the PIN request and proceed with the transaction by clicking “OK” on the terminal.
· If, for some reason, you are unable to use your VISA card to make a purchase at a merchant location, you should be able to obtain cash from a local ATM.
· If any problems or concerns arise pertaining to your VISA card, contact your card issuer by dialing the phone number printed on the back of your card or on your monthly card statement. You may also contact VISA Global Customer Care Services (visit to locate the toll-free number appropriate for the country in which you are traveling).