Fee Schedule

Fees effective as of November 1, 2011

Power Checking

Overdraft/Return Item
Courtesy Pay
Stop Payment for Draft or Cashier’s Check
Overdraft Automatic Transfer from Shares
Check Printing
Copy of Check (online-60 days from clearance)
Copy of Check (from Member Services)
Copy of Check Faxed
Official/Cashier’s Check
Reconciliation of Power Checking
$25 per overdraft
$25 per overdraft
$20 per check
$2.75 per transfer
$13 and up
$2 per check
$2 per check
$7.50 per check
$15 per hour

ActorCheck VISA Debit Card

ATM Total Cash Withdrawal
Withdrawal/Inquiry Non-ActorsFCU/CO-OP ATM
ATM Overdraft
Courtesy Pay (VISA Check Card only)
Replacement Card, Lost, Stolen, PIN Replacement
Replacement Card Shipped via Express Mail
Replacement PIN Shipped via Express Mail
$600 per day
$0.75 per transaction
$25 per overdraft
$25 per overdraft
$10 per card
$35 per card
$35 per PIN

Electronic/ACH Transactions

ACH Stop Payment
ACH Overdraft
Courtesy Pay (checking account only)
(check not received)
$20 per item
$25 per overdraft
$25 per overdraft
$20 per item

Savings (Share) Account

Quarterly Maintenance Fee on Accounts
with Balance below $100
$10 per quarter

General Fees

Returned Deposited Check $15 per check
Employee-Performed eMax$ Transaction $7.50
Statement Copies $3.00 per statement up to 2 pages (additional pages $1.50 per page)
Wire Transfers (domestic) $20 per transfer
Wire Transfers (international) $45 per transfer
Money Orders $3 each
Stop Payment on Money Order $5 per money order
American Express Travelers Cheques $1 per $100
American Express Gift Card $3.95
Express Mail $15 per item
Research Fee $5 per transaction
Returned Mail $3 per envelope
Returned Mail Debit/Credit Card $5
1099 Tax Copy $5 per copy
Bill Pay (unlimited) $1.99 per month
Counter Check $4 per 4 checks
Closing New Account Within 90 Days $25 per account
Restraining Orders/Legal Processing $50
Foreign Collection Item $15
Account Transaction
Inquiries done by Member Services Rep
that could’ve been done by TouchTone Teller or Online Banking
$3 per transaction/inquiry