VISA Debit Card / Rewards

It’s a VISA Card!

Accepted worldwide at over 15 million locations, it’s like using your personal check anywhere VISA Debit Cards are accepted. No Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required when performing VISA-based transactions —just your signature.

Download Visa Check Card Application

It’s a Check!

The amount is deducted from your Checking Account electronically. There is no need to use a traditional paper check. Like a check, funds need to be in your Checking Account and available. The transaction will appear on your regular monthly Credit Union statement.

It’s an ATM Card!

You can use your card at more than 500,000 ATMs worldwide for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, account transfers, and deposits. Your PIN is required. One will be computer-selected for you, but if you choose, you may change your PIN at our main branch office.

CO-OP Member Rewards

You’ll earn one Reward Point for every $2 you spend on purchases using your ActorCash VISA Debit Card (linked to an ActorCash Power Checking Account) or VISA Platinum Credit Card. All points earned from both cards will be combined and can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, gift cards, downloadable music or ringtones, or to make a charitable contribution.  Available redemption options are subject to change without notice and will vary. Purchases can be made by signature or by PIN.
(ATM withdrawals and Savings Account transactions do not count toward points).

It’s Free

All members with an ActorCash VISA Debit Card linked to an ActorCash Power Checking Account or who have a VISA Platinum Credit Card are automatically enrolled. There is no cost for this program.

Redeeming Points Is Easy — And They Never Expire

To set up your username and password, to redeem points, or to learn more, click here. Or for more information, call 877.266.7636. Points NEVER expire.

Redemption Options

Available redemption options are subject to change without notice and will vary.

Please Note: You must be a member in good-standing to redeem your points.  If you have closed your account or cancelled your debit card prior to redeeming your points, your points will be forfeited.


Although every effort has been made by ActorsFCU to provide a selection of quality products with in-depth and accurate descriptions, we realize that returns will happen.  If you decide to return an item that was received undamaged from Member Rewards please be aware of the following:

  • All items must be returned within 30 days of receipt
  • All items must be returned in their original packaging and in unused condition
  • There will be a $30 restocking fee
  • The cost of return shipping for items received undamaged will be at the expense of the member

PIN Selection

The first time you order a new card or are re-issued a VISA Debit Card, you will receive your card and then, in approximately three business days, your PIN. The PIN mailer will contain a generic PIN and a unique reference code. You may change this PIN to one of your choosing by calling the 800 number and using the  given reference code. Any future re-issues (with the same card number) will come pre-encoded with your unique PIN.

Courtesy Pay Protection

One of three options in our overdraft protection program–a “courtesy” to cover your insufficient funds, up to a limit of $750 including all fees. Instead of denying your VISA Debit Card transaction, the Credit Union may–at its discretion–approve your transaction and save you embarrassment at the checkout line.

Protection on VISA Debit Card transactions is not automatic. To receive protection when using your ActorCash VISA Debit Card, you must “opt in” — either when opening a Power Checking Account or by completing an Opt-In Form if you are a current member.

You may “opt out” of Courtesy Pay on your ActorCash VISA Debit Card at any time by completing the Opt-Out Form or by contacting Member Services.

Falcon Alert (Card Member Security)

ActorCash VISA Debit Cards are protected by the Falcon Fraud-Detection System. Like many financial institutions, ActorsFCU knows we need to do all we can to protect our members and their assets. Falcon allows us or our agent to contact you in the event that suspicious activity is detected on your VISA Debit Card. On rare occasions, it is possible that this system will prevent you from making a legitimate purchase that is out of your normal activity pattern. If that occurs, you may call the numbers listed below:

  • 888.241.2440 (in the USA)
  • 909.941.1034 (outside the USA)

In order for us to protect you, we need to be able to reach you immediately. To do that, we need to have on record your most current phone numbers—especially your current cell phone number—and a working email address for our records. To update any of your contact information, please fill out and sign this Personal Information Change Form and return it to one of our branches today.

VISA Debit Card Concierge Service

Thinking of taking that dream trip to an exotic destination? Or just planning to travel to take in some different scenery closer to home? Take advantage of our VISA Debit Card Concierge Services to ensure your debit card stays protected and available to you when you need it — no matter where you are. With credit card fraud on the upswing at home and abroad, our Concierge Services offer you convenience — and the best possible protection you’ll need on the road.

Authorization Block “Bypass”

Informing us of your travel plans allows us to activate an Authorization Block “Bypass” for you during a specific time period, which will allow you to travel and use your ActorCash VISA Debit Card with confidence. Simply provide us with your international travel information ahead of time and decrease the chances of having your ActorCash VISA Debit Card blocked or transactions denied. Our database will hold your name, telephone numbers (especially cell phone), travel destination(s) with start and end dates, and can even include individualized instructions. You can easily submit or modify this information by calling Member Services either before you leave or during your time away.

Blocked Transactions

If you do not inform us of your travel plans or ask us to initiate the VIP Authorization Block “Bypass” as discussed above, it’s possible that, in some areas, your card may be blocked for certain types of transactions or may be limited to a lower dollar amount on those transactions. The reason we deny certain transactions is that, from time to time, we are notified of fraudulent activity on particular types of transactions in specific parts of the world. For example, there may be a sudden increase in fraudulent transactions at family clothing stores in Great Britain or service stations in Spain or pharmacies in Ireland.  So, to protect you, we may deny transactions that exceed a certain dollar limit at those types of merchants.

The best way to avoid having your card denied or limited is to call us and initiate the VIP Authorization Block “Bypass.”

Please note: VISA and MasterCard credit cards are not affected, and are fully available for use anywhere.

Features of Concierge Service

  • Multiple trips – multiple destinations – multiple contact options
  • Begin dates up to one year in advance
  • End dates up to five years in advance
  • Country and state
  • Unlimited travel segments
  • Office / residence / cell / other phone numbers, including international phone numbers, where you can be reached
  • Optional alternate contact person to assist in locating you if we cannot

How do I report a lost or stolen ActorCash VISA Debit or ATM Card?

Call Member Services at 212.869.8926 (option 6) during regular business hours to report your card lost or stolen.  We’ll get a new card to you ASAP, wherever you are. If you need to call after hours to report a lost or stolen ActorCash VISA Debit Card, please call 888.241.2510 (in the US) or 909.941.1398 (outside the US). You will still need to call Member Services the next business day to order a new card.