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Get immediate availability with eLimit and eZ Hold!

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Get immediate availability with ActorsFCU’s bold funds availability services: eLimit and eZ Hold. At ActorsFCU we’re doing everything we can to give you instant access to your money!



  • Offers you immediate funds availability up to your eLimit
  • Ranges from $250 to $2,500*

eZ Hold

  • eZ Hold + eLimit = maximum availability of your money
  • Holds the funds you’re least likely to need
  • The more you have on deposit, the more immediate funds availability you’ll have

What do I have to do?

  • Sign up on eBranch for and wait for the email with your assigned eLimit*.
  • On your computer, input three pieces of information from the check.
  • Once you’ve input the check information (including the numbers along the bottom), print the confirmation receipt and mail it with your check(s) to an ActorsFCU office.

What don’t I have to do?

  • Make a trip to to our offices (though we’d love to see you!
  • Wait out weekends and holidays before you can make a deposit

*eLimits are individually assigned based on a member’s credit report. Some members may not qualify for eLimit, but may still qualify to use . Even if eLimit is not available, immediate funds may still be available through eZ Hold, if money is available in other accounts.

Important Information on Double-Endorsed Government Checks

You cannot deposit double-endorsed government checks (city, state, or federal).  The check must be made payable to the name(s) listed on the title of the account.  If the check is made payable to two people, both names must be on the account.