How do I get started with ?

  1. Log on to eBranch (if you’re not enrolled, enroll now!)
  2. Go to “Accounts”
  3. Click on “Check Deposit” in the list on the left
  4. Read and agree to the Disclosure, which includes agreeing to a credit check (for eLimit) and to receiving all statements and notifications from ActorsFCU through eDocs, our electronic document program
  5. Wait for the email with your assigned eLimit (you’ll usually get it the next business day)—and start ing!

How do I my checks?

  1. Once you’ve been assigned your eLimit, log on to your eBranch account
  2. Click on “Check Deposit”
  3. Enter three pieces of information from the check:
    • the maker’s name
    • the check amount
    • the MICR numbers (the numbers along the bottom of the check)
  4. Choose to deposit into checking or savings
  5. Print your Confirmation (if you don’t have a printer, simply include the Confirmation Number with your check[s])
  6. Mail the confirmation in with the endorsed check (we need to receive it within 7 business days) to one of our branch offices.  ed checks cannot be processed at PayNet Check Casher locations.

Are there any limitations on the types of checks I can deposit using ?

– You cannot deposit third-party checks.

– You cannot deposit double-endorsed government checks (city, state, or federal).  The check must be made payable to the name(s) listed on the title of the account.  If the check is made payable to two people, both names must be on the account.

– You cannot deposit post-dated checks and checks drawn on foreign financial institutions, even if they are drawn in U.S. dollars. This includes all checks drawn on Canadian financial institutions, even if they’re drawn in U.S. dollars payable through a U.S. bank.

– U.S. Savings Bonds are also ineligible for .

What happens if ActorsFCU doesn’t receive my mailed-in check within 7 business days?

The deposit will be reversed and you will be charged a fee (refer to our Fee Schedule).

What’s an eLimit?

The amount of money that we will make immediately available to you on your s. eLimits range from $250 to $2,500 if you qualify. eLimits are individually assigned based on a member’s credit report. Some members may not qualify for eLimit, but may still qualify to use . Even if eLimit is not available, immediate funds may still be available through eZ Hold, if money is available in other accounts.

How do I get an eLimit?

After you’ve signed up for , we’ll check your credit report and assign an eLimit for you. In the event that you’re not eligible for an eLimit, you may still qualify to use , and eZ Hold can still give you immediate access to your money if you have available funds on deposit.

What happens if my account balance is negative?

eLimit will be unavailable.

How much can I ?

As much as you want! The amount immediately available to you will be limited to your available eLimit plus other funds that can be held through eZ Hold.

How does eZ Hold fit into the picture?

We automatically add the funds availability of eZ Hold to your eLimit to maximize the cash available on your deposits (see the examples on the main page). In the event that you’re not eligible for an eLimit, you may still qualify to use , and eZ Hold can still give you immediate access to your money if you have available funds on deposit.

Will you notify me when my checks are received at the office?

Yes, you will receive an email notification that you have a new eDoc waiting for you. The eDoc wil confirm our receipt of your check.

What happens if a check I deposit and receive credit for is returned unpaid?

You are responsible for the amount of the item if ActorsFCU is unable to collect and receive payment. The amount will be deducted from your account, and you will be charged a fee. Note: Depending on your funds, it is possible that deducting the amount will cause your account to go negative.

When will my “holds” be released?

Once the item(s) has been received by ActorsFCU, the remainder of the funds that have not been given immediate availability by your eLimit or by eZ Hold will be processed according to ActorsFCU’s normal “funds availability schedule” (“holds”). In addition, once the item is received by ActorsFCU, the dollar amount of your eLimit availability that was extended on a deposit won’t be available for future deposits until ActorsFCU’s normal funds availability schedule expires.

I still don’t get it. Can you give me an example?

Here’s an example: When you deposit a check using —say for $1,000—and you have an eLimit of $700, you will get $700 immediately available to you (provided you haven’t already used your eLimit on a previous deposit). When we receive the actual check, we will then distinguish what the actual “hold” needs to be on that check: zero days, three days, or five days, depending on ActorsFCU’s normal “holds” schedule (funds availability guidelines). You will not be able to apply the $700 eLimit to another deposit for the designated number of days (the “hold”), and the $300 balance will be unavailable for that amount of time as well.

What if I deposited a check and used part of my eLimit but then make another ?

If you deposited a check for $1,000 and you have an eLimit of $1,250 that hasn’t been used at all, the full $1,000 will be made immediately available to you. The next day you another check, this one for $600. You have $250 left available in your eLimit, so $250 will be made available to you immediately. If you have other funds on deposit, it is possible that the other $350 will be made available through eZ Hold.

How will I know my holds are released?

By checking on your Accounts page, and noting the difference between your Balance and your Available Balance.

What kind of checks can I deposit with ?

Any checks drawn on U.S. financial institutions in U.S. funds, including money orders and traveler’s checks.

Are there any other requirements for ?

In order to use , you must sign up for eDocs—ActorsFCU’s electronic documents program. You will receive all your statements and other notifications securely through eBranch. You will also have to give ActorsFCU permission to obtain a credit report.