Whoever said you can’t take it with you? With eBranch-to-Go! now you can. We’ve paired up eBranch and your cell phone’s texting and/or Internet capabilities to make your Credit Union accounts even more portable. Use your cell phone to do most of the transactions you can do on your computer:

  • check your account balances
  • transfer money between accounts
  • view checks (Internet capability) or check on cleared checks (texting option)
  • the list goes on!

Get Started Today!

To get started with the texting option just follow the directions below. Download a printable version of the codes you’ll need, or stop by any of our offices to pick up a wallet-size card. For phones with Internet capabilities, just go to actorsfcu.com to get to eBranch.

  1. Sign up for texting under “eBranch Preferences” at actorsfcu.com. If you want, you can choose the names for your accounts on the Setup page.
  2. Add “text@actorsfcu.com” into your phone’s Contacts list (in the email field).
  3. Select “text@actorsfcu.com” from Contacts and send a text using one of the following codes: (Note: “X” in the list of codes below stands for a specific check number or specific account name / nickname.)

    ACC: list of all account names (or member-selected nicknames)
    ALERT X:
    establish eAlert for specific check
    account balances
    BAL X:
    balance of specific check
    most recent checks cleared
    CHK X:
    status of specific check
    most recent transactions
    LAST X: most recent transaction on specific account
    retrieve next few transactions
    STOP X: request stop payment on specific check
    TRA X Y Z: transfer between accounts [include space between items]
    X: account transferring from
    Y: account transferring to
    Z: dollar amount [no dollar sign; include decimal, i.e., 5.45]
    INFO: list all commands
    HELP X: detailed help for specific commands

Click for a printable version of the text codes.