ePay$, our online bill-pay service, offers terrific new enhancements to our already great bill-pay service. Every time you use ePay$ to pay your bills from your free Power Checking Account, not only will you save money and qualify for a higher interest rate with your eMax$ Online Account, but you’ll also reduce your carbon imprint. All with just the click of a mouse. If you’re not already using our online bill pay, come onboard with ePay$…so easy, even a grown-up  can do it!

  • FREE to qualifying members (4-Star Award Level of eMax$ Online)
  • Single sign-on (log on to eBranch and you’re set to go!)
  • Send funds to and from your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Send funds directly to someone else’s accounts
  • Send gift cards for special occasions
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Eliminate stamps and post office trips
  • Set up email reminders about upcoming bills
  • Enjoy easy access at actorsfcu.com

New users receive the first three months free by signing up for ePay$ at actorsfcu.com. From then on, if you don’t have an eMax$ Online account, and don’t qualify for 4-Star Award Level of eMax$, pay only a low $1.99 per month–for an unlimited number of bills (think of all those stamps you’ll be saving!).

Reminder: Bills must be paid from your free ActorsFCU Power Checking Account.

For a demonstration of this great service, click below.

ePay$ demo

How to Enroll in ePay$

Just log into your eBranch account as you normally do.  Click on “Pay Bills” (up left at the top of your screen).  You’ll be asked to answer a few quick security questions and accept the terms of service.  Then you can edit your account information and start adding payees, etc.  If you are not already enrolled in eBranch, click here.

  1. To get started using ePay$, you’ll need to complete a short online registration the first time you do.ePay$ uses a single sign-on within your eBranch account.  When you log in to eBranch, a “Pay Bills” button will appear on the line across the top of the window.  The first time you log in to ePay$, you’ll be asked to complete a very brief registration and answer a few quick security questions.  After that, you’ll be ready to pay your bills anytime you log in to eBranch.
  2. When you start using ePay$, check ALL of your payees to make sure your payments are scheduled the way you’d like.In ePay$, you have to choose a “processing date.”  This is the date your payments will be deducted from your checking account and sent to your billers, either electronically or by mail.  The ePay$ system will then display the “estimated arrival” date your billers will receive the payment.  You can adjust the “processing date” before you submit the payment to make sure your billers receive their payment on time.Make sure you review the “processing” and  “estimated arrival” dates carefully in ePay$ to avoid any late fees from your billers or overdraft charges in your checking account.
  3. To take advantage of ePay$’s “person-to-person” transfers, you’ll need to add those accounts.Once you do, initial test transactions will be sent to you. After you confirm the test,  you can start using the feature.  Just follow the instructions. You’ll be able to transfer your own money without having to call the bank or pay a wire-transfer fee. You can also set up transfers that will go directly to another individual’s accounts without compromising their security or yours, send decorative gift checks, and even make charitable donations.

If you have any questions, ePay$ Customer Service is there to answer them. Call 800.241.5579. Toll-free support at your fingertips!
This number is specific to the ePay$ service.  ePay$ support staff is not able to answer questions specific to your  ActorsFCU account.