Share Secured

Share Secured


  • Fully secured by funds in your Savings Account
  • Five-year maximum term
  • Rate dependant upon financing term selected
  • Rates and terms subject to change without notice
  • ActorsFCU Savings Account is required and must be opened before application can be processed

Save 0.25% on your annual percentage rate by signing up for automatic loan payments from you ActorsFCU Savings or Checking Account!

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Term Rate (APR)
3-Year 3.90%
4-Year 4.90%
5-Year 5.90%
As of 1/29/2014

CD Secured

Have your cake and eat it too!

With a CD-secured loan, you can keep your money earning for you and get that little extra cash to take care of unexpected expenses — like that Caribbean vacation you’ve been meaning to take!

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Term Rate (APR)
3-Year 2.9% above High-Yield Share Certificate rate
As of 1/29/2014