Union Initiation Fee

Need a little help paying your Union Initiation Fee?  We’ve created a loan just for that purpose.
Once you’re approved, we’ll send the check directly to your Union, so you can get started doing what you do best — with all the benefits of union membership!

Creating products to support our community is what ActorsFCU is all about.

Term Rate (APR)
1-Year 5.9%
2-Year 6.9%
3-Year 7.9%
As of 8/1/2011


  • Maximum loan amount of $3,100 (proof of initiation fee required)
  • 5% of loan value required in Savings Account
  • Rates dependant upon financing term selected (please check rate chart for current rates)
  • Rates & terms subject to change without notice
  • ActorsFCU Savings Account is required and must be opened before application can be processed


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