Musical Instrument Loans

Loan Amount Maximum Term Rate (APR)
10,001-25,000 7 Years 4.50%
25,001-50,000 15yr amortization 3yr balloon 4.99%
50,001-100,000 20yr amortization 3yr balloon 4.99%
100,001-250,000 25yr amortization 3yr balloon 4.99%
As of 3/25/2015


  • Maximum loan amount of $250,000
  • Loans must be for actual instruments, equipment, amps, etc… are not eligible for this type of loan
  • Financing of up to 75% of the appraised value or sales price of the instrument, whichever is lower
  • For instrument loans of less than $10,000 or for equipment financing, members may apply
    for a Personal Loan
  • 10% of loan value required in Savings Account
  • Rates and terms subject to change without notice
  • ActorsFCU Savings Account required and must be opened before application can be processed
  • Additional requirements, call Loan Department for details: 212.869.8926, Option 4

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