Mortgage Seminar

Join Us in NYC!
Monday, May 5th
6:00 – 8:30pm
165 West 46th Street – 14th floor conference room

Our panel of mortgage experts can get you started on the road to home ownership.  Bring a friend, they’ll be glad you did !!!

Foreign Collection Items

We’ve added information to the website for members who have questions about Foreign Collection Items. You’ll find the button (“Wire Transfers and Foreign Collection Items”) under “Services.”

Check Us Out on YouTube

ActorsFCU is now on YouTube.  Check out our latest video featuring Gary Ginsberg of Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.

iPhone & Droid Apps Now Available! Deposit Checks from Your Phone!

Access eBranch Online services anywhere you go! Check your balances, transfer money, find ATM and branch locations. Download the app at the Google Play Store for Droid or the App Store for iPhone.

Things You Should Know Before You Deposit

  1. Be sure you’re signed up for Check Deposit Online and eDocs within eBranch to enable your deposit option.
  2. Once you scan a check into your account we suggest you make note of the confirmation code and hold on to the check for a month, in case there are any image issues. There’s no need to mail in the actual check.
  3. For best results, make sure the check is laid out flat on a dark background. Bright lighting helps too.
  4. There is a $5,000 per check limit and a $5,000 daily limit for deposits.
  5. Be sure that you regularly update your app in the Google Play or App Store.  Otherwise, some features, including check deposit, may not function as intended.

We Can Even Beat 0% Auto Dealer Financing!

It may sound impossible, but if you take advantage of the auto dealer-offered rebate and then finance with a low-rate auto loan from ActorsFCU, you’ll actually end up paying less for your new vehicle than taking the 0% financing option from the dealer.  And in the process of paying less out of your pocket you’ll be providing income to the Credit Union — income that wil be passed on to you and other Credit Union members with increased services, decreased loan rates, and increased savings rates.  ActorsFCU – Straightforward Savings.

$25,000 cost of car $25,000 cost of car
No rebate -$2,000 dealer rebate
0% financing 2.99% CU financing
TOTAL: $25,000 TOTAL: $24,792.63

iPhone App to Locate 30,000 ATMs & 4,000 Shared Branching Locations

Access CO-OP Network’s 30,000 FEE-FREE ATMs located throughout the nation and Canada on your iPhone with CO-OP’s free ATM Locator app.

Download the free Shared Branching locations app and you’ll always know where to access your money no matter where you travel at more than 4,000 locations nationwide.

Please Don’t Mark Emails from the Credit Union as “SPAM”

If you mark Credit Union emails as “spam,” you’ll prevent yourself from receiving important account information and alerts from the Credit Union.  If you’d prefer not to receive our informational/marketing emails, which we limit to once every 3 to 4 weeks, please just “opt-out” (you’ll find this option at the bottom of every email).

Emails are the most economical and efficient means to communicate with you, our members. Savings realized allow us to focus our resources in other areas — competitive interest rates on savings products and lower interest rates on loans, and increased services like our branch offices in LA and Chicago. Thank you!

AEA Members: Pay Your Equity-League Health Premiums Automatically Through ActorsFCU!

Have your health premiums, as billed to you by Equity-League, deducted automatically from your ActorsFCU Power Checking Account! Just fill out the form in the link below and return it to  ActorsFCU to get started.

Authorize ActorsFCU to pay your premium and, on the date predetermined by Equity-League, the amount will be deducted from your checking account.  If you don’t have enough funds in your checking account, overdraft protection up to $750 will kick in automatically–through Courtesy Pay (does not apply to members who have declined this service. small Courtesy Pay fee applies).

Automatic Payment Form

And if you change your mind, just fill out the Opt-Out Form and send it to Member Services to opt out of this service.

LOWEST AUTO RATES IN YEARS (we’re not exaggerating!)

And you can save an additional 0.25% off our already incredibly low rates
by purchasing an approved fuel-efficient model!maroon car

GREAT RATES on Personal Loans and Computer Loans!

Check out an ActorsFCU Personal Loan or Computer Loan. We’ve dropped the rates a whopping three points to make it easy for you. Take advantage while these great rates last!

Union Initiation Fee Loan

Need a little help paying your Union Initiation Fee?  We’ve got a loan just for that purpose.
Once you’re approved, we’ll send the check directly to your Union, so you can get started doing what you do best — with all the benefits of union membership! Check out the webpage for rates and terms.

Have You Chosen the eAlerts You Want?

Customize your eAlerts so you’ll be notified (by email or text message – your choice):

  • when specific checks clear
  • when an electronic deposit hits your Share or Checking Account
  • when a bill-pay transaction hits your account
  • when your account balance (Savings or Checking – your choice)
    goes below a specified amount of your choosing
  • and more!