Didn’t Receive Your Cash?

For ActorsFCU Members

If you are a member of ActorsFCU, and for any reason you do not receive the cash requested, please contact Sheila Yam or Deloris  Frank. You will need to provide the following information by fax or email:

  • Your name, account number, dollar amount requested and dollar amount received
  • Date, time, and location of transaction
  • Description of what happened
  • What you are requesting
  • Your contact information

Sheila Yam

Telephone: 212.869.8926, ext. 374

Deloris Frank

Telephone: 212.869.8926, ext. 378
Fax: 212.354.8541

For non–ActorsFCU Members

If you are NOT a member of ActorsFCU, report the incident to the financial institution that issued the card you used in the transaction (your bank or credit union).

Your financial institution will collect funds from us on your behalf. You may report the incident immediately or within 60 days after the date of your bank statement reflecting the incident. Include the date, time, location, dollar amount, and why you believe an error exists. ActorsFCU cannot reimburse you directly, but will gladly work with your financial institution to help you recover your money as quickly as possible.