Check Cashers

Convenient & Safe Depositing

Make a deposit from as early as 8:00 AM to as late as midnight at participating locations, including Saturdays and Sundays!  (Many locations are open 24 hours.)

  • safe and secure access
  • face-to-face service
  • receipt on the spot

eZ Hold

And at Actors, we make your money immediately available with eZ Hold. We will automatically “place the hold” on the account where you will feel it least! (in the following order)

  • Share Certificate first, if you have one with us
  • Holiday Club
  • Regular Savings
  • eMax$ Online
  • Checking Account (as a last resort)

If you do not have money in one of these other accounts with us, you can still have immediate access to your funds by cashing the check first, at a deeply discounted rate.  All that’s needed is your ActorCash VISA Debit Card or ATM card and a government-issued photo ID.

How to Deposit

Simply go to the window and tell the teller you want to make a deposit (maximum amount of $6,000) into your ActorsFCU account.  You will then “swipe” your card through the “swipe pad.” Choose “deposit” from the menu and follow the prompts.

Check Cashing Options

Option 1:  Cash Deposit (fee free)

Provides you with immediate funds availability.

Option 2:  Check Deposit (fee free)

Deposit any check, including personal checks, just as you would normally do at ActorsFCU’s offices. Standard check holds will apply to checks deposited in this manner.

Our eZ Hold system will give you the maximum availability of your funds. If you choose to deposit your check using this option, you must deposit it in its entirety.

Option 3:  Check Cashed then Deposited (fee varies)

If you don’t have money in other ActorsFCU accounts for eZ Hold to apply, you can still have immediate availability of funds by cashing your check.

Acceptable checks include:

  • all corporate and/or payroll checks (up to $6,000)
  • city, state, and federal checks.

All checks must be cashed within 10 days of their date of issuance. You may also receive cash back. A discounted fee of 0.50% will be charged for cashing a check up to $999.99 and 1% for cashing a check of $1,000 up to a maximum of $6,000.

In order to receive this deeply discounted rate, members must deposit a minimum of 20% of the total amount of their check into an ActorsFCU account.

Please note: Photo ID is required for all transactions. Check cashers reserve the right to refuse to cash or deposit any check.  Checks refused for cashing by the check cashers may still be accepted for deposit by using Option 2.