Wire Transfers and Foreign Collection Items

Wire Transfers

ActorsFCU can send money for you anywhere around the world! And if you are on the receiving end, we’ll take care of that for you as well.  Please note the changes to the form and process for International Wires.

Domestic Wires:
To send a Domestic Wire, click on the form below and fax it to Member Services at 212.575.5836.

International Wires:
Because of changes in Federal Government Regulations, you MUST contact ActorsFCU Member Services at 212.869.8926 option 6 prior to initiating your International Wire Request.  Failure to do so will delay the processing of your request.

To receive a wire, please be sure to provide the following information to the person or financial institution sending the wire:

  • Send Wire To (Institution Name):
    Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
    ABA No. 271987635
    4450 Weaver Parkway
    Warrenville, IL 60555
  • Credit To (Beneficiary’s Name):
    Actors Federal Credit Union
    Account No. 226077079
    165 West 46th Street, 14th Flr.
    New York, NY  10036
  • Member’s Info (Reference/Memo):
    Member’s Name
    ActorsFCU Account  No.
    Specify Savings or Checking


  • Please be sure that if you are sending a wire from a foreign financial institution you advise them that they must use a U.S. correspondent bank. ActorsFCU does not have a SWIFT CODE
  • All international wires are sent in the currrency of the receiving country, unless U.S. Dollars are specified
  • Exact arrival times cannot be guaranteed for wire transfers

Wire-Transfer Disclosure

Upon completion of an ActorsFCU Wire Transfer form, as the undersigned of that form, you represent that the information provided is correct and you acknowledge responsibility for any errors resulting from incorrect/inaccurate information provided.  The undersigned authorizes ActorsFCU (the “Credit Union”) to use any means it deems suitable for the transmission of the funds and understands and agrees that in carrying out this wire transfer, the Credit Union acts only as an agent.  The undersigned hereby releases the Credit Union from all liability from any loss unless the loss arises out of the Credit Union’s failure to exercise ordinary care, failure to act in good faith, or failure to act in accordance with the undersigned’s instructions given pursuant to this authorization.  If the undersigned’s authorization identifies the beneficiary both by a name and an identifying or bank account number and the name and number identify different persons, payment or cancellation of the order may be made solely on the basis of the number.  The Fedwire System may be used for this wire transfer.  Federal Reserve Regulation J is the law covering Fedwire transactions.  The undersigned agrees to promptly review all notices from the Credit Union regarding the execution of wire transfers and will advise the Credit Union of erroneously executed wire transfers within two business days following the Credit Union’s notification.  The two business days period shall begin to run after the undersigned has received sufficient information to reasonably determine that the wire transfer was erroneous.  The Credit Union will not be liable to make any refund to the undersigned for canceled requests until after the Credit Union receives confirmation of the returned funds.  The Credit Union has no influence or responsibility for fees or surcharges imposed by other financial institutions involved in the transfer of the funds.  Wire-transfer instructions received after deadlines (Domestic 4:30 pm ET/1:30 pm PT – International 2:30 pm ET/11:30 am PT), or on a day the Credit Union is open for business yet the Federal Reserve Bank is closed, will be processed on the following business day. The Credit Union has no influence or control and cannot guarantee arrival or posting times for wire transfers. If for any reason there are insufficient collected funds in your account to cover the full amount (including fee) of the requested outgoing wire transfer at the time the Credit Union initiates the transfer, the Credit Union will not send the outgoing wire.  International wires are sent in the receiving country’s common currency, unless U.S. Dollars are specifically specified.

Foreign Collection Items — All currencies other than U.S. Dollars (USD)

As a courtesy to our members, we exchange and deposit all major currency checks into your accounts for a small fee (see Fee Schedule for current fee — under “General Fees”). Because we do not have an internal foreign exchange processing system, we outsource these transactions to another financial institution.

When submitting a Foreign Collection Item, please be aware of the following:

  • It may take up to six weeks for your account to receive Provisional Credit (the credit given by the processing financial institution)
  • If the item is returned, the Return Value may differ from the Provisional Credit received due to continually fluctuating exchange rates
  • Because of fluctuating exchange rates, ActorsFCU cannot guarantee the amount that will be credited once the instrument is converted from the foreign currency into USD
  • ActorsFCU cannot guarantee that foreign exchange rates will reflect the rates listed on foreign exchange websites

Canadian Items Drawn in USD

  • Items drawn in USD from Canadian financial institutions will be deposited immediately
  • Checks must bear an imprint specifying they are drawn on a USD account (i.e., “USD” or “US Funds”)