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ActorsFCU gives us something no other bank can; it gives us a sense of community and pride. In a financially unstable economy I know our money is being used for the best possible benefit of the membership.

- David Finch

ActorsFCU member since 1997

My husband and I were able to get a mortgage and buy a house during the tightest credit crunch of our lifetimes...I feel more confident navigating life knowing that I’ve got ActorsFCU in my corner.

- Brooke Tansley

ActorsFCU member since 2000

I joined ActorsFCU after being 'fee-ed to death' by Citibank. After years with a corporate bank, I'd forgotten how easy banking should be...and I thank ActorsFCU for reminding me.

- Matthew Kilgore

ActorsFCU member since 2010

One of the smartest things I ever did. Been so pleased with the service and now the convenience of the new branch in Chicago. I plan to invest time and money in the various accounts offered, I promise you!

- Ronald Keaton

ActorsFCU member since 2009

I can't believe all the great perks I get through ActorsFCU. I am saving money on my Sprint bill and getting ready to take advantage of the offer for Direct TV. I'll never go back to a commercial bank.

- Timothy Casto

ActorsFCU member since 2000

I am so grateful for an alternative to the "other" banks. At ActorsFCU I am so appreciative of the thoughtful and caring attention I receive from such reps as Benzar, who helped me tremendously!

- Lauren Robert

ActorsFCU member since 2006

  1. Look who's talking about ActorsFCU

  2. Hi ActorsFCU,
    Thank god Fazie's still there all these years... she's the main reason i still bank with you.

    John lance Harrison

  3. I remember way back in the day how the Actors Federal Credit Union would make cash available right away when depositing a check. At that time, commercial banks would only make cash immediately available if there was enough in the account to cover the check. ActorsFCU knew (and still knows) how much an actor needs his money! Plus, going to the bank is like going to meet old friends. And chances are, you'll see someone you know in line! ... read more

    Linda Kuriloff

    ActorsFCU member since 1991

  4. I'm gonna take my time making a comment 'cause I want it to be right on the money,... and I'm not being funny, though new with ActorsFCU, so far it looks too good to be true, but judging by the way I've been treated, with their help, I think I'll be pulling through,I'm glad I'm a member, just like you.

    Andrés Rieloff

    ActorsFCU member since 2012

  5. ActorsFCU has been the best 'bank' I've ever encountered. A couple of times my account has been hacked, each time the Fraud department would call me. They took care of me and my hard earned funds. A new debit card is sent to me in less than a week. I have not experienced such GREAT service from any bank in my past. If things stay at Actors this great, I'm not taking my business anywhere else. They prove it's about the entertainers, and people. ... read more

    G Scott Spence

    ActorsFCU member since 2006

  6. My wife and I have appreciated the many different locations when performing out of town. The loan programs (there are many so take a look!) are phenominal at Actors Federal. It gives us peace of mind knowing that when we make our payment, we are supporting other artists who have needed that loan as much as we did. It feels good to know that the interest made goes back to benefit more of our members instead of to the big corporate financial world banks who have little to no understanding of the financial challenges of being an artist. We would not have been able to enjoy our cars, pay off Graduate school expenses, as well as finance our son and daughter's college education had it not been for Actors Federal Credit Union. ... read more

    Roman Alis

    ActorsFCU member since 1984

  7. I've been a member of the ActorsFCU for 28 years and have never understood why anyone in our profession would want to put their money anywhere else. The personal service and loan rates are unbeatable, and our money stays within our community. And when something goes wrong - as it did today with an online security lapse involving my financial information (not the ActorsFCU's fault ) - the staff's response was immediate and thorough. And not a single bogus charge, unlike any of the commercial banks which make money off of their customers when they are forced to respond to fraud.

    I've always been treated well at the credit union, but they outdid themselves today.
    ... read more


    ActorsFCU member since 1986

  8. My wife and I have enjoyed the different types of loan programs ActorsFCU has had to offer. It gives me peace of mind knowing that our hard earned money goes back directly to benefit our members on future loans and not some other third party seeking to make big profits off their clients!

    Roman Alis

    ActorsFCU member since 1984

  9. SUPERB SERVICE !!!!!!!!!

    Jay O'Brien

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  10. Joining the Credit Union is a no-brainer. I can't understand why any actor would choose a commercial bank (which is all about making money with your money) over the Credit Union (which is all about helping actors get the biggest bang for their buck)!

    Chuck Cooper

    ActorsFCU member since's been a long, happy time

  11. All I can say is "I Love Actors Federal Credit Union."

    Paul Sadler

  12. I'm writing to pay you guys a huge compliment!! I was in a real bind the other day and needed help. I'd left my wallet at home and had already parked my car. So I walked in to ActorsFCU without an ID and needing cash. Now, I've been a member for 15 years and know everyone at the Credit Union. I explained my trouble to Ben, and he helped me out! Now he knows me from TV and was sure of my identity! It's the best customer service in the city! Faces I know, quality that's always there. It makes me feel like I live in a village. Batz and Justin and Ben -- you're all the best!!
    Thank you!!!
    ... read more

    Jeremy Holm

  13. First off, let's get one thing straight, I don't do business with a bank. I am a member of a credit union, and as a member I am afforded the privilege of being able to dance my way up to Batz, and have a chat while doing the paperwork. And if I don't dance away, I am reminded to do so.

    Nicholas Booth

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  14. Taslima and the entire staff rock! Love you guys!

    David Brown Jr.

    ActorsFCU member since 2013

  15. I'm a big fan of ActorsFCU. I think they offer the best rates on everything from loans to savings accounts. Every time I go in there, I really feel like it's my bank. Ben and everyone at the counter are great. They're friendly and extremely helpful. I wouldn't put my money anywhere else.

    Chris Vasquez

  16. I joined the credit union shortly after I moved to NYC in 2003, and have never looked back at the big banks. I love the idea that my money is staying in the community of artists.

    David Vandervliet

    ActorsFCU member since 2003

  17. The timing couldn't be better to join ActorsFCU, where the staff makes you feel welcome and the minimums and rates are the most reasonable I've seen anywhere.

    I especially enjoy the visits to my local branch in NYC where Ben, Justin, Taslima, and Batz offer a ready smile, witty banter and prompt, professional service.

    It's not just business. It feels like family! ... read more

    Young Jeohn

    ActorsFCU member since 2009

  18. I love ActorsFCU! Been a member for years. Personal attention and great loans. The staff is great and a shout out to Ben and Batz!

    Frank Stancati

  19. I've been with the Credit Union for about 12 years now and it's been great to see the same faces behind the counter. They always take great care of me...people like Ben who take the time to know you as a person and not just a customer. Thanks, Ben, and ActorsFCU!

    Jason Marquette

    ActorsFCU member since 2001

  20. I love ActorsFCU. One of the staff--Ben--has helped me numerous times handling hundreds of transactions. He's always very professional and makes all of my banking so simple. He has really made me feel like more than just another customer at the credit unoin, taking the time to ask me how my day is going, etc. I always look forward to doing transactions with Ben when I come in.

    Jeremy Folmer

  21. ActorsFCU is my best friend. Why? Because of the outstanding customer service! Especially that of Ben Lagumen. I've never experienced a teller who seemed more like my best bud, always informing me of the best ways to protect my account and helping with whatever needs I may have. Also, in dealing with actors, Mr. Lagumen deserves a standing ovation for the support and encouragement he gives his clients. Always rooting for us to book the next gig to make sure we fill our piggy bank! Ben makes the trip to the bank a refreshing experience. Completely professional yet he breaks that fourth wall and opens himself to his clients! Because of Ben Lagumen, I am a proud member of ActorsFCU.
    ... read more

    J. Mallory McCree

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  22. Several times a week I do my banking in person at ActorsFCU's main branch. Ben has assisted me with countless transactions over the past few years. I've found Ben to be friendly and professional, competent and methodical with a great attention to detail. I have observed his leadership skills with his co-workers and sensed the trust and mutual respect that is afforded him. His confidence is evident and puts me at ease. Ben is a great asset to your team and I look forward to connecting with him every time I come in.

    Dana Cote
    ... read more

    Dana Cote

  23. I've been searching your website to give a 'thank you' for one of your employees. I've been a member for about three years now, and it was the first account I opened since I had a bad experience with a commercial bank. The person who helped me then and still helps me to this day is a gentleman by the name of Mr. Ben Lagumen. He works at the front desk in the New York main branch. Every time I have come in to make a deposit or ask a question, he has always guided me with the most patience and kindness anyone could ask for. He goes beyond his duty to make sure I am not just an account, but an individual moving toward a better financial future. He has made me feel at home. He has made me feel like family here.

    Just the other day, I arrived in DC to visit family for the Presidential Inauguration. I was guiding my little brother with help on choosing the best bank for himself. I answered easily from my heart, "Oh, Actors Federal Credit Union, hands down." And for a minute, I thought of Ben.

    Thank you. Thank you for the best home for my 'Actor Cash'.
    ... read more

    Keona Welch

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  24. Through the years ActorsFCU has provided financial means for graduate school and my dream car, as well as personal loans. As ActorsFCU Financial Representatives, Jenny and Vera have made this all happen! Bravo! Much Applause! Standing Ovations!

    Roman Alis

    ActorsFCU member since 1984

  25. Taslima and Fanny are very helpful -- as is the whole staff!

    Farzana Ghani

    ActorsFCU member since 2008

  26. I moved to NYC in 1996 and opened my account at ActorFCU with no hesitation. The service has been most professional and heart-warming with attention to courtesy, financial accuracy and even prevention of possible account fraud or hacking. I'm very secure and safe at ActorsFCU!

    Darryl Reuben Hall

    ActorsFCU member since 1996

  27. I love banking with ActorsFCU. It makes my life easier, my banking simple, and I love the people. Whenever I stop in at the Chicago branch I feel like I'm catching up with old friends. The people are pleasant, helpful, and they always have a smile and a kind word. Love em'!

    Tyla Abercrumbie

    ActorsFCU member since 2003

  28. ActorsFCU is by far the best deal in town. I'm not sure why anyone would want to deal with commercial banks and pay fees. For what? ActorsFCU even gives you rewards for banking with them and I can pay my bills online! And the staff are so nice and helpful I just can't say enough good things about Actors Federal Credit Union!

    Mitchell McGuire

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  29. I can't believe all the great perks I get through ActorsFCU. I am saving money on my Sprint bill and getting ready to take advantage of the offer for Direct TV. I'll never go back to a commercial bank. Joining ActorsFCU was one of the smartest career moves I've ever made. Kudos to Actors Federal Credit Union for providing value and superior service.

    Timothy Casto

    ActorsFCU member since 2000

  30. I love ActorsFCU! A great credit union with great people.

    Oren Fader

  31. I joined ActorsFCU after being 'fee-ed to death' by Citibank. The staff members of the NYC branch are truly remarkable people. They are ever attentive to the banking needs of our community. The services and rates offered are incredible. After years with a corporate bank, I'd forgotten how easy banking should be...and I thank ActorsFCU for reminding me.

    Matthew Kilgore

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  32. ActorsFCU's eAlerts saved my money from being taken out of my account without me knowing. If it was not for your eAlerts i would have lost thousands or all of my money. I suggest that everyone sign-up for eAlerts and opt to have them sent to your phone as text messages - take it from me.

    Terrell Brannon

    ActorsFCU member since 2008

  33. Starting off with a credit card from ActorsFCU has been tremendously helpful--with great low rates--and connecting with my ActorCash Card for rewards. I also love the convenience of eDocs and Check Deposit Online. Such a time saver!! Thanks!!

    Justin Mather

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  34. I love supporting my unions by banking with ActorsFCU. I love supporting other businesses in my field because I get so much support in return when I need it. I'm glad that ActorsFCU is here for us artsy folk - we deserve the special treatment, superior business ethics, and competitive banking products that our Credit Union offers. Thank you, ActorsFCU! And thank you to the staff that is always avail and does their personal best to provide amazing service. ... read more

    Robbi K

  35. Want to thank you for the wonderful service given to me by Fanny. When I had to change my entire account because of a possible scam, her attention was quick, efficient and courteous. I was put at ease with her professionalism. Thank you for having such an exceptional member on your staff. We are all fortunate for her presence.

    Letty Serra

    ActorsFCU member since 1984

  36. Fanny Adames deserves a raise and a promotion! She is exceptional at Member Service. Fanny goes out of her way to be extremely helpful and has fantastic follow-through. She is a pleasure to deal with. I am very fortunate to have found Fanny at ActorsFCU. ActorsFCU is lucky to have Fanny Adames on its team!

    Nonnie Gerber

    ActorsFCU member since 1990

  37. I'm so glad I switched! No longer do I feel the need to take a shower every time I pay my previous banking institution's fees as ActorsFCU has transferred my credit card balance. Now I'm getting a MUCH better rate and I'm no longer lining corporate fat cat pockets nor adding to the problem that is the banking industry.

    Thanks, ActorsFCU!

    Ron Rains

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  38. Wow! Excellent member service with Jenny and Vera in the Lending Services Department. They have been so helpful and accommodating in expediting my requests. No matter how busy they are, they never let you know it. You get individual attention with each and every phone call!

    Thank goodness I bank with you guys!!!

    Jaye Restivo

    ActorsFCU member since 2004

  39. I grew up in South Florida where my mother belonged to the teachers union and did almost all her banking through their credit union. So you could say that banking through a credit union runs in my blood. As soon as I joined my parent union, SAG, I joined ActorsFCU and never looked back. Now, most of the staff knows me by my first name, and over the years I've even met their kids. It really is a family. I love banking here. ... read more

    Tobi Kanter

    ActorsFCU member since 1988

  40. Getting my new car loan thru ActorsFCU was really a breeze. And driving it everyday just reminds me how much I love banking here.

    Robert Mobley

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  41. Been with 'em since I was a kid. With all that's happening now, I have no intentions of going elsewhere. Love the personal and swift attention to my concerns.

    James Doberman

    ActorsFCU member since 1995

  42. I want to take a second to write about Jenny in the VISA Department. She's always pleasant, but she really saved my bacon on Friday. I was leaving town on Monday and needed to make a payment. I was panicked and running very late. Jenny calmly and with a good bit of humor reminded me that I could do everything I needed online. I was totally panicked but Jenny was warm, professional, and calming. This credit union cares. Thanks Jenny! ... read more

    Daryl Edwards

    ActorsFCU member since 1983

  43. I am so grateful for an alternative to the "other" banks. At ActorsFCU I am so appreciative of the thoughtful and caring attention I receive from such reps as Benzar, who helped me tremendously!

    Lauren Robert

    ActorsFCU member since 2006

  44. Thank you for keeping your fees so low and your debit card fee-free. It is really appreciated by your members.

    Jackie Henderson

    ActorsFCU member since 1993

  45. I will never go back to a traditional bank again. I really love the personal touches that make me feel like a person and not a number. And the low interest loans and low APR credit cards are the best! Thanks got it going on!

    Erica Bradshaw

    ActorsFCU member since 2005

  46. ActorsFCU helps me break a leg, not an arm and a leg! What other bank calls you within 24 hours when you leave online questions? That's only one example of the personal care that sets ActorsFCU apart from "banking institutions."

    Carol Monda

    ActorsFCU member since 1997

  47. I own my own car! And it's all because of ActorsFCU. Thank you for your continued support.

    Felix Solis

    ActorsFCU member since 1998

  48. These days, with all the corporate banking corruption, I can't imagine using anything other than a credit union. Cooperatively owned banking, like Actors Federal, ROCKS!

    Jens Rasmussen

    ActorsFCU member since 1998

  49. I love ActorsFCU and am so impressed and delighted with all their technological advancements!

    Joseph P McDonnell

  50. Finding ActorsFCU made me actually enjoy going to the 'bank.' eBranch and are exceptional for serving my banking needs. The Chicago branch is stellar!!!

    Donica Lynn

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  51. Great service every time I come to the branch... I have fun and have always been treated with respect! Keep up the good work!

    Debora Balardini

    ActorsFCU member since 2009

  52. Kudos to Samuella and the well-trained, professional, disciplined, but above all generous, kind, and friendly [Lending Services] staff who understand what full service is! Highest praise to Jenny and Vera -- you guys make everyone feel so welcome. One always feels like family at ActorsFCU. Thank you all very much for everything!

    Glenn Beatty

    ActorsFCU member since 1982

  53. After I closed an account at a regular bank I received a check in the mail for one cent that was the interest for a balance of almost $500. It was a waste of time--the postage was 39 cents! ActorsFCU, I am so happy I found you! You are the greatest!!! I feel right at home. Thank you!

    Daphney Dameraux

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  54. ActorsFCU has been so good to me in so many areas. It's truly banking with a sense of community. They care! I don't know what I would have done without them over the years.

    Sam W Rosso

    ActorsFCU member since 2006

  55. ActorsFCU is my everyday financial institution of choice. Answers when I have questions...personalities, not just array of products but not a used car salesman in the lot. Plus they help this community whenever possible. Thanks, ActorsFCU!

    Carol A. Sullivan

    ActorsFCU member since 2004

  56. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly, and everyone seems to know my name. It feels good to do a financial transaction with people who seem to care about you and your money, who don't act like you're bothering them or who don't take their job seriously.

    Reggie A. Green

    ActorsFCU member since 1999

  57. The only reason that I am a homeowner is because of ActorsFCU. Who else would lend to an actor?

    Buzz Roddy

    ActorsFCU member since 1987

  58. After years of dealing with increasingly poor customer service from conventional banks, I was in awe of the service and attention that I received from ActorsFCU right from my very first consultation. I immediately moved all of my personal and business accounts to the credit union, and have never looked back! What a nice change of pace it was to apply for a credit card, and have someone sit down with me to discuss my credit report, and options! You sure don't get that at a regular bank! Thanks, ActorsFCU, for making me feel important!! ... read more

    Dennis Michael Keefe

    ActorsFCU member since 2009

  59. Just joined ActorsFCU last month and setting up my account was a breeze. The staff is friendly, helpful, and on top of their game! I appreciate the personal attention that I wouldn't receive at other banks. Couldn't be happier with my move to ActorsFCU!

    Michelle Kinney

    ActorsFCU member since 2011

  60. I'm glad to be using a credit union with connections to the arts community in Times Square.

    Andrew Felluss

    ActorsFCU member since 2008

  61. I love that ActorsFCU feels like family. I'm on a first-name basis with everyone there--it feels like home. I'm even comfortable depositing very large residual checks for two cents at ActorsFCU.

    Tim Ghetto Wynn

    ActorsFCU member since 2001

  62. One of the smartest things I ever did. Been so pleased with the service and now the convenience of the new branch in Chicago. Leo and Cathy treat me with respect every time I go in. As time passes, I plan to invest time and money in the various accounts offered, I promise you!

    Ronald Keaton

    ActorsFCU member since 2009

  63. I am pleased and proud to be a member of ActorsFCU because I always feel like I can trust them. No matter how small my account gets, they still look out for my best interest. Especially noteworthy is Fazeela, who has helped me with intelligent information and advice—and always with a smile!

    Guy Sherman

    ActorsFCU member since 2002

  64. Vera is always wonderful and available. We feel as though we have our own personal representative at ActorsFCU. She's clearly an asset to the credit union. Thank you!

    Steven Ted Beckler

    ActorsFCU member since 2004

  65. We owe our lives to ActorsFCU. My husband and I were able to get a mortgage and buy a house during the tightest credit crunch of our lifetimes. With the Balance Transfer Loan, we’re able to get out of debt. Between the two, we feel like we have the stability and security to start a family. On top of all this, the staff at ActorsFCU couldn’t be nicer and more helpful. Whether taking extra time to walk a rookie through mortgage application or simple account questions, they take the extra time and care to help. It feels like the support of a family, and I feel more confident navigating life knowing that I’ve got ActorsFCU in my corner. When is the last time you got that at a bank? ... read more

    Brooke Tansley

    ActorsFCU member since 2000

  66. ActorsFCU gives its members something no other bank can; it gives me a sense of
    community and pride. In a financially unstable economy I know our money is
    being used for the best possible benefit of credit union members. It makes me know my voice is being heard and that I make a difference.

    David Finch

    ActorsFCU member since 1997

  67. It has been well-documented in recent time—the great personal advantage one receives by moving to a credit union. However, ActorsFCU has always been a top-notch group of individuals who elevate personal banking to the level of familial service. They know my name, they understand my unique needs as a performer, and they always address all my concerns thoroughly and swiftly. Although I began as a proud member in New York, Don and Gabriel in Los Angeles have been particularly extraordinary. I have the utmost faith in AFCU and, in 10 years, have never missed a large bank. ... read more

    Steve Mize

    ActorsFCU member since 2002

  68. I really appreciate doing my banking at a place that understands and caters to actors. When I filled out the initial application and was asked what my day job was, I knew I was in the right place. These people understood me! And the special offers and low interest rates on loans are particularly appealing. After years of good service with Actors Federal Credit Union, I'll never go back to banks again. ... read more

    Charlotte Patton

    ActorsFCU member since 1991

  69. ActorsFCU is better than a bank. You get personal attention, great rates, and a friendly staff. No matter what the problem is, they will help. As long as they stick around, all my banking will go through ActorsFCU.

    Jeff Meacham

    ActorsFCU member since 2002

  70. Banking at ActorsFCU is like banking in a small a GOOD way! The service feels very personal and I feel like a face, not a number.

    Deborah Gear

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  71. I don't believe there is or ever will be another credit union that embraces its members like family—taking your personal finances to heart and offering thoughtful management of your accounts even in the face of life's curve balls. I feel lucky and privileged to be in the ActorsFCU family.

    Joan Baker

    ActorsFCU member since 1996

  72. ActorsFCU has the best member service and rates on all accounts and services that I have ever experienced across America and Canada! ActorsFCU is a diamond in the rough and a financial institution that listens to its clientele and works with us for all our needs. Thanks, ActorsFCU—I love my new car!

    Dylan Ramsey

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  73. Back when my business was just a dream, ActorsFCU provided the loan that made it a reality. There was no sales pressure or complicated financing and I wasn't treated like "a number." They worked with me like a human being with a name, a personality, and a plan to succeed. I felt understood and taken care of. Imagine that. :-)

    Rudy Gaskins

    ActorsFCU member since 1987

  74. During this recession, I feel completely safe having my money with ActorsFCU. I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you, ActorsFCU, for being personable, and for being there when needed.

    Anik Dufour

    ActorsFCU member since 2008

  75. I love ActorsFCU! I should have listened to my mother and joined sooner. ActorsFCU is a professional, warm, welcoming institution that understands actors' finances.

    Andy Young

    ActorsFCU member since 2010

  76. Fazie is the main reason I bank with ActorsFCU, making it more valued than any commercial bank. She has gone over and above to re-add my bad math, remind me I can pay my credit card online, and, when I first joined, she patiently and humorously redid my deposit slips for me for the first three months.
    :-) I'm not in this business 'cause I'm smart, but I have passion. Fazie brings to the credit union what we all have as artists - passion. I think the members get custom service through her. ... read more

    John Lance Harrison

    ActorsFCU member since 2002