2022 ActorsFCU Scholarship Winners Announcement

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We are excited to present the recipients of the 2022 Actors Federal Credit Union Scholarship Program.

Last year, we introduced you to the ActorsFCU Scholarship Program to help members of the creative community reach their educational goals, in honor of our late board members, Mel Boudrot and Gil Rogers. We are excited to share that we have awarded $10,000 in scholarships to two members of the ActorsFCU community. These applicants were chosen with care by our scholarship selection committee based upon their impressive applications and personal statements. 

Introducing the 2022 ActorsFCU Scholarship recipients: Brad Heberlee and Julianna Austin

The 2022 Gil Rogers Scholarship Recipient: Brad Heberlee

“As long as there is suffering and injustice that needs our attention in the world, there is always work to be done.” – Bard Heberlee

Brad Heberlee is an actor and acting teacher, who is now pursing a degree in nursing from the Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. While nursing had been on his mind for a long time, the time and space that the pandemic’s closure of the theatre unexpectedly created in his life led Brad to feel as though he was finally able to give nursing the consideration it has always deserved.

Inspired by the activism of nurses in the heart of the AIDS epidemic, Brad hopes to create a more empathetic, compassionate, healthy and just society through his work as an actor and a nurse.


The 2022 Mel Boudrot Scholarship Recipient: Julianna Austin

 Julianna began her acting career as an “industry kid” in commercials and print, striving for perfection in her work. However, her introduction to acting as an art came during a summer acting intensive class while she was in high school where she first read Lanford Wilson’s Burn This. She truly fell in love with acting when she realized what was at its core: truth telling.

“It is scary to get personal, it is terrifying to be vulnerable, but it is that very vulnerability wherein lies so much of the beauty of human emotion – the genuine truth that I, as an actor, want to tell,” said Julianna.

As Julianna completes her BFA in acting at Carnegie Mellon University, this motivates and informs the work she does. Leaving behind the fallacy of perfection, Julianna is striving to “Make it personal, tell the truth, then write ‘burn this’ on it.”

We are thrilled to support these deserving individuals on their journey of gaining knowledge and pushing boundaries in their fields. We look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next!

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