Your Debit Card Responsibilities

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Reporting lost or stolen debit cards 

Members should report a lost or stolen card as soon as possible by calling:

During normal business hours:

  • 212.869.8926, Option 2

Outside of normal business hours:

  • 888.241.2510 (in the U.S.)
  • 909.941.1398 (Outside of the U.S.)

Once reported, lost or stolen debit cards will be blocked from further use, limiting the member’s liability for unauthorized transactions.


Authorized vs. Unauthorized transactions

A debit card transaction is considered “authorized” by the cardholder if the card or card number is willingly provided either to a merchant or to another person.  For example, you provide your gym with your debit card number to pay your membership fee on a monthly basis.  Another example, you give your spouse your debit card to buy a new television while you are at work.


A debit card transaction is considered “unauthorized” if the debit card or card number is used by a merchant or person other than the cardholder, who did not have actual, implied or apparent authority for said use.  For example, an online merchant with whom you have never dealt charges your card for purchases you did not request.


Disputing a Debit Card Transaction

Issues with authorized transactions must be reported to the credit union within 60 days of the transaction date. Authorized transactions will be handled as merchant disputes.  Click here for our Merchant Dispute Procedures.


Unauthorized transactions must be reported to the credit union within 60 days of the transaction date to qualify for a fraud dispute.  Click here for our Fraud Action Package


Protect yourself with CardNav

ActorsFCU offers a free smartphone app called CardNav that is designed to give you control over how, when, and where your ActorsFCU debit card can be used.  Using CardNav to set up your own restrictions and alerts goes a long way towards eliminating unwanted or fraudulent transactions.  CardNav is one of the best ways to safeguard your account.

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