eBranch 2020 is Now Available

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Our all new online banking site, "eBranch 2020," is now available.  eBranch 2020 has a refreshed look, new functionalities, and improved security.

We would like to invite you to make the switch to our new online banking site today!  We have updated the links on our ActorsFCU.com website to make eBranch 2020 our default online banking site.  Please see the important information below to get started.

Please note: our current eBranch online banking site will still be available after September 29th, but only for a limited time.  Our current eBranch site will discontinued later this year.


The link to eBranch 2020 is https://actors.cuconnections.com/login

What to Expect:

Rest assured, eBranch 2020 will carry over all of your existing:

  • Account history and eDocuments
  • Any scheduled or recurring transfers
  • Bill Pay history and payees

Plus, you will gain new features such as:

  • Increased security with SMS text verification
  • Single-sign-on access to Member Rewards
  • Single-sign-on access to eZCard to manage your ActorsFCU VISA Platinum credit cards
  • Integrated consumer loan application

Login Instructions:

Depending on the complexity of your current login credentials, the enrollment process for eBranch 2020 may be a little different than what you are used to.  When logging into our new site for the first time, please follow these steps:

  • Enter your current username.  Unless you have changed it, the default username is your 5-digit account number
  • You will then enter your current password.  You may be asked to change your password to meet our new complexity and frequency of change requirements.
  • Next, you will be asked to create a username.  Your new username cannot contain your 5-digit account number.
    • Note: from here on out, you will use this username and password whether you're on eBranch 2020, our legacy online banking site, or our mobile banking app.
  • Dual authentication is now required to log in.  There will be multiple options for authenticating yourself.  If you choose, you can click to remember your devices to avoid this step in the future.

Helpful Information:

Here are a few more things you should know to successfully use our eBranch 2020 site:

  • Upon first log in, a brief tutorial will guide you through the most common tasks.  It can be ended and started over later from the settings menu.
  • You can get help at anytime by clicking the Help button in the upper right corner.

It is also important to know that our mobile banking app is not changing at this time.  However, after using eBranch 2020, you will need to use your new username and password to log in to the mobile banking app.  If you previously had a quick-login PIN set up for mobile banking, you will need to delete and reinstall the app.  This will allow you to bypass the quick login PIN and manually enter your new username and password.

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