my ActorsFCU story

Shaun Parry

ActorsFCU is part of my NYC family. They know me by name and have been there for me through thick and thin. Thank you.

Giovanni McEastland

ActorsFCU provided me and my family with the information and services needed to begin my child’s Coogan Account!

Roman Alis

Actors Federal helped my wife and I finance Graduate School, buy a new car, and establish great credit. Bravo and Applause AFCU!

Stephanie Swingen

For someone just starting out in the acting/modeling business I am glad that I can trust Actor’s Federal Credit Union.

Tim Barker

I was at an audition when a fellow actor mentioned the great interest rates ActorsFCU provided to its members, AFCU has been great!

Deborah  Phipps

I opened this account in 2006. I’m happy I was able to save money for my son’s college education. Thank you.

Ezina L.

ActorsFCU provides everything I need and more. I know my money is safe and secure. Big banks make big promises but rarely deliver

Beorht A.

As an actor branding & developing yourself is very important, for me knowing that my banking is in good health puts me at ease.

Sean D.

I’ve been with ActorsFCU for 10 years now because they have never betrayed my community or my values. So glad I married an actor!

Bright A.

As an actor branding & developing yourself is very important, for me knowing that my banking is in good health puts me at ease.

John G.

My daughter made it possible for us to join ActorsFCU back in 2004. This Credit Union has been great!

Michael L.

I was with another bank when I moved to NYC in 2000. Switching to ActorsFCU was the best banking decision I ever made!!
Thanks, ActorsFCU!

Cody O.

This place is dope! Best rates and customer service all the time. And I don’t even live in New York!

Toree H.

Thanks, ActorsFCU, for being in LA when I left NY, and for helping me get a Chelsea apartment when I returned to Manhattan.

Aurelia  W.

I was able to borrow the amount that I needed to buy a car appropriate for my growing family.

Alan H. G.

Of all my success, I am most proud that I own an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen—thanks to ActorsFCU. All actors should bank with ActorsFCU!

Aaralyn A.

Joining Actors Federal Credit Union was a major step for me as an actor. I am glad to know as I work I can save securely as I grow.

Bruce T.

ActorsFCU has always been there for me - when I moved into the NYC area and now that I live out of the NYC area, 27 years later.

Curt W.

Nothing but good experiences with ActorsFCU!

Ruth C.

Joining ActorsFCU was a “no-brainer.” I wouldn’t bank anywhere else. ActorsFCU continues to grow and offers the services I need.

Diana L.

I feel so much better banking with ActorsFCU. They also provided me with an excellent mortgage interest rate!

Sean Martin  H.

ActorsFCU re-financed my mortgage in 2015 and reduced my interest rate from 6% to 3.25%—reducing my monthly payment by a quarter!

Renée  B. A.

When it came to opening a business account, ActorsFCU provided all the advantages of a commercial bank without any arbitrary fees.

Mel H. Sr.

I’ve never felt more at home while banking online and in person. A collaborative Credit Union for a collaborative Art Form.

Sal C.

ActorsFCU has offices in LA and NY! Banking here maintains the latest conveniences and innovations but is much more personalized.

Ramona F.

ActorsFCU is my fave financial institution. They get it! I got my car loan and keep my savings here. Personalized and secure.

Leenya R.

I bank at ActorsFCU and I know I’m part of a community. From direct deposit to online banking to credit and investing, they “get” us.

David Finch

In an age when big banks promise to be transparent but hardly are, you can be sure ActorsFCU keeps our money within our industry.

Lori E.

ActorsFCU is like a family. Everyone that works here truly cares about our financial needs. I will never bank with anyone else.