Youth Accounts

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Youth Accounts

Help them get their financial lives off to a great start.

• Easy Setup Account Opening

• Direct Deposit and eBranch Online Access

• Federally Insured up to $250,000

• $100 Minimum Balance*

ActorsFCU’s three Youth Account levels help our younger members learn to manage their money and get their financial lives off to a great start. All three account types will be issued in the minor's name and Social Security Number.

Auditions – UTMA (newborn to legal age)**

This traditional UTMA account (Uniform Transfer to Minors Act) is a custodial account; a parent or guardian must be part of any transaction. Upon legal age, this account becomes the sole possession of the minor. 

Supporting Role (12 to 17 years)**

This joint account with a parent or guardian helps teens transition from custodial account to (eventual) full responsibility. Both minor and parent/guardian have access to the account for withdrawals and deposits, and the account includes a debit card with a $50 daily limit issued in the minor’s name.

Starring Role (15 to 17 years)**

All the features of the “Supporting Role” account but with the added benefits of Power Checking, a daily debit card limit of $150, and access to ePay$ Online Bill Pay—another level of learning. No minimum balance for checking, no maintenance fee, and no per-check charges. Checks are available for viewing or printing in eBranch Online.

How to Open a Youth Account

Youth accounts can be opened remotely or in person at any of our offices—in NYC, Chicago, LA, or NoHo.  Youth accounts are available to minors with an existing Coogan account, minors whose parents belong to the credit union, or minors who belong to one of our affiliated membership organizations.

To open an account remotely:

  • Click the "Apply for Membership" button above
  • Accept our Membership Application
  • Complete the fillable PDF application
  • Print the application
  • Sign with an ink pen at the bottom of page one
  • To return your completed application (with wet signatures), email us at to request a secure file transfer*. We will email you back from a secure email service, which will allow you to submit all required forms and documents with sensitive information.
*If you do not have the ability to submit your application via Secure Email, we can also accept your application and documents via USPS mail or fax.  Applications should be submitted to the ActorsFCU Branch that is nearest to your home address.  Applications that are submitted via mail or fax may require additional time for processing. For fax numbers and branch locations, click here.

Once, you receive the email, you'll be able to complete your application by securely submitting the following items:

  • Photo or clear scan of the minor's birth certificate
  • Photo or clear scan of the parent/guardian's government-issued photo ID or passport
  • Photo or clear scan of the minor's government-issued photo ID or passport
  • Proof of address if different than the address listed on the government-issued ID (e.g., photo or scan of a utility bill or lease agreement)

Once your application and documents are received, we will open your account and contact you at the phone number listed on your application.  At that time, we will ask for a minimum deposit of at least $100.

​* Minimum balance required to avoid low quarterly service fee.
** These accounts are NOT Coogan Accounts and do not satisfy the requirements for California, which requires a Coogan Account for working minors.