How to use Mobile Check Deposit

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Download our Mobile Banking App

If you haven't already, you'll need to download our mobile banking app to your smartphone or tablet.

Apple (iOS): download link
Android: download link

How to login to Mobile Banking

To login to mobile banking, you will use the same username (or 5-digit account number) and password that you use for our desktop online banking site.  Once you've successfully logined in to mobile banking, you'll click "Deposit Check" and follow all of the instructions below.  For a high level overview of our mobile banking app, please view our informational video on YouTube.

Before the Deposit...

Make sure the check is eligible for mobile deposits:

- check must be dated within the last six months

- check amount must be $5,000 or less

- the numeric amount (e.g., $100), must match the written check amount (e.g., one-hundred dollars)


Make sure you use the proper mobile deposit endorsement:

- On the back of the check, sign your name on the top line

- Write "For remote deposit only at AFCU"

- Write the account number you'd like the check to be deposited to


Example of Proper Mobile Deposit Endorsement

Taking the photos

1. Find a well-lit area to take your photos

2. Find a non-patterned, non-reflective, dark surface to set the check on.  This will allow the check to standout in the photo.


After the deposit...

You may repeat these steps to deposit additional checks.  You are allowed to deposit up to 5 checks per session.  The daily limit on mobile deposits is $5,000 total.


Store Checks Properly

1. Do not write "VOID" on the check.

2. Do feel free to write the date of the deposit somewhere on the check in pencil; not pen

3. Do not tear up or dispose of the check

4. Do retain the check in a safe place for 45 days

5. After 45 days from the deposit date has passed, feel free to shred or otherwise destroy the check



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