Coronavirus Scams

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Scammers are taking advantage of people's fear around COVID-19.  Here are a few tips from your credit union on what to look out for.

Types of Scams

COVID-19 specific scams: Please ignore any offers that you see online for COVID-19 vaccinations or at-home tests.  Please do not attempt to buy hard to find items (e.g., hand sanitizer, face masks, etc.) from unfamiliar sources.  In both cases, these are likely scammers attempting to collect your personal and payment information.  Other things to be on the look out for are fake emails from the people posing at the CDC, phishing emails or phone calls related to stimulus checks or supposed charity or relief organizations.  The IRS will not call you to ask for your bank account number!  Learn more about COVID-19 specific scams here.

Employment scams:  Employment scams have long been a favorite with fraudsters.  With so many people out of work due to COVID-19, it is inevitable that these scams will be out there.  Look out for bogus job postings and unsolicited emails.  If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.  Fraudsters commonly use employment applications and email correspondences to collect personal information.  Learn more about employment scams.

Donation / Charity Scams:  In times of crisis, scammers love to take advantage of people's good nature.  Be wary of any calls, emails, or advertisements your receive asking for donations.  If you wish to make a donation, it is always safest to visit the charity or non-profit's website directly.  Go online and type in the URL yourself.  Do not click through an email or advertisement.

For a full list of known scams to avoid, please click here.
For additional information from the Federal Trade Commission, please click here.

Steps to Help Prevent Fraud:

The best way to prevent fraud is to be informed and maintain a healthy dose of suspicion.  If something feels wrong, don't do it.  Here are our top suggestions...

  • Don't give out your personal information
  • Keep your online login credentials secure
  • Answer calls from our Falcon Fraud Detection service
  • Sign up for eAlerts to stay informed
  • Use CardNav to tighten security on your debit card

For more information on Safeguarding Your Account, please click here.

How to Report Fraud:

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, please contact the credit union.  If a financial loss has occurred, the way in which it occurred will determine the actions that we will need to take.

Debit card fraud: If you see an unauthorized debit card purchase on your account, please call us at 888.241.2440 or 212.869.8926, ext. 619.

Credit card fraud: If you see an unauthorized credit card purchase on your VISA account, please call 800.466.3552.

Electronic payment fraud: If you see an unauthorized electronic payment (e.g., ACH or Bill Pay) on your ActorsFCU checking or savings account, please call us at 212.869.8926, ext. 619.

Check fraud: If you see a check that you did not authorize has cleared your ActorsFCU checking account, please call us at 212.869.8926, ext. 619.

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