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April 30, 2018

eAlerts to the Rescue

The eAlerts feature is free for all Credit Union members. eAlerts can save you stress and money by allowing you to keep tabs on your accounts at all times without having to constantly think about them.

No more worrying about bounced checks because of a low balance. You’ll be alerted before it’s too late.

You can set up your eAlerts when logged into eBranch. Click on "Preferences," then "eAlerts" in the options along the left-hand side. Then choose the eAlerts you want to enable by checking the appropriate boxes and entering any necessary dollar amounts or check numbers.

Take out the guess work when:

1. A check clears
2. An electronic deposit hits your Savings or Checking Account
3. Your account balance (Savings or Checking – your choice) goes below a specified amount of your choosing
4. Your e-mail  or mailing address has been changed
5. Any withdrawal/debit exceeds a specified amount
6. Any check clears (you can enter up to 12 check numbers)
7. You receive a new message, such as when a statement is ready