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September 23, 2015

iPhone and Droid Apps: Everything You Need To Know

iPhone and Droid Apps: Everything You Need To Know

Access eBranch Online services anywhere you go! Check your balances, transfer money, find ATM and branch locations, and make deposits. Download the app at the Google Play Store for Droid or the App Store for iPhone.

Be sure you're signed up for Check Deposit Online and eDocs within eBranch to enable your deposit option. Once you scan a check into your account, make note of the confirmation code and hold on to the check for a month, in case there are any image issues. There’s no need to mail in the actual check.

For best results, make sure the check is laid out flat on a dark background. Bright lighting helps too. There is a $5,000 per check limit and a $5,000 daily limit for deposits.

Be sure that you regularly update your app in the Google Play or App Store. Otherwise, some features, including check deposit, may not function as intended.

Locate CO-OP Network’s 30,000 FEE-FREE ATMs from your iPhone with CO-OP’s free ATM Locator app.  Find ATMs across the nation and Canada and in more than 6,000 7-Eleven locations. And download the free Shared Branch Locator app to find more than 4,000 credit union branches nationwide.

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