Playwrights Horizons

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Playwrights Horizons

Actors Federal Credit Union is excited to welcome the employees of Playwrights Horizons.  You and your immediate family members are eligible for credit union membership and all the benefits therein.

Reasons to choose ActorsFCU

  • We make banking simple!  It only takes $100 to join ActorsFCU and as long as you leave that money in your savings account, there are no other minimum balance requirements or monthly fees to worry about.  We offer all the conveniences of online and mobile banking, including remote check deposit, to keep you connected to your money 24/7.
  • We've got a wide reach.  In addition to our offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and North Hollywood, our members have access to an additional 5,000+ credit union locations and nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.  This nationwide access is thanks to our partnership in the CO-OP Network.
  • We're a non-profit.  Our non-profit status allows us to offer fewer fees and better rates than for-profit banks.
  • We're a co-operative.  All of our members are equal owners of the credit union, with the right vote on important credit union matters.
  • We're community minded.  ActorsFCU exists solely to serve the financial needs of professionals in the entertainment industry.  We have a closed membership which means only members of approved groups like Playwrights Horizons  are eligible for membership.

Benefits of Credit Union Membership

  • Low minimum balance requirements.  Maintain at least $100 in your share savings account and you won't pay any monthly fees to maintain your account.
  • Free checking.  Our free Power Checking account has no monthly or annual fees, and no minimum balance requirements.  Better yet, our Power Checking account comes with a free VISA debit card with Member Rewards.  Earn reward points every time you use your card!
  • Access to low cost loans.  Credit unions have long been known for their favorable loan rates, ActorsFCU is no exception.  We offer a full suite of loan products, credit cards, and mortgages.  Plus we specialize in refinancing competitor's loans to save our members money!  Check out our Balance Transfer loan.
  • Investment services.  ActorsFCU members have access to the services and advice of our partner Gary Ginsberg, FINRA/SIPC.

How to open your account


  • STEP ONE: complete our fillable PDF application
    • If you want to add a free checking account, check the box for "Checking (draft)"
    • If you want a free VISA debit card, check the box for "ATM/Debit Card"
    • If you want to receive statements and other notices electronically, check the box for "eDocuments"
    • If you want the ability to deposit checks using your smartphone, check the box for "Mobile Deposit"
  • STEP TWO: Print your completed application & sign on the bottom of pages 1, 3, 4 & 5
  • STEP THREE: Submit your completed application and required documents via Secure Email*
    • Please CLICK HERE to send us an email requesting a secure file transfer.
    • We will email you back within 1 to 3 business day with an invitation to our Secure Email services
    • When you receive this invite, you will set up a free account, then respond to our email with the following attachments:
      • Signed/completed application
      • Copy of Government-issued photo ID
      • Proof of affiliation with Playwrights Horizons
      • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill or lease agreement) if the address on your photo ID does not match the address listed on your membership application
  • STEP FOUR: We will open your account within 2 to 3 business days, then email you back via Secure Email to provide your account number and other important information regarding your new account.
  • STEP FIVE: Fund your new account.  Your new savings account requires a minimum deposit of $100 to satisfy our minimum balance requirements.

Apply now for Power checking account

If you need help apply for membership, please call us at 212.869.8926, option 6 or send us an email at


  • Visit us in New York City at 165 W. 46th Street (near 7th Ave).  We're located on the 14th floor of the Actors' Equity Association building.
  • Be sure to bring a Government-issued photo ID, proof of affiliation with Playwrights Horizons and at least $100 cash or check
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